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Ford Big Bore Head Gaskets

Ford/Mercury V8 Flathead Big Bore

Our Ford Big Bore head gaskets are American Made from premium quality copper and?GraphTite? materials.

Our head gaskets are True Big Bore with an over bore up to .250″

Beware of imitation gaskets from overseas!

Copper?(suffix of “C”) – consists of two outer sheets of a generously thick .010” copper and a low-density graphite “filler” sheet. This high-quality graphite sheet is superior to asbestos, which was used in the old days, and far superior to the non-asbestos materials found in other manufacturers’ modern copper head gaskets. Excellent torque retention is achieved by using superior materials.? Our copper gaskets are definitely “old-school,” but with a modern flair for better performance. They are such works of art, we almost hate to sell them!

GraphTite??(suffix of “G”) – MBG is a high performance gasket material combining expanded graphite facings on 0.2mm (0.008″) tang perforated tin-plated steel core. It is ideally suited for internal combustion engine applications such as head gaskets. MBG is compressible and resilient, yet offers excellent bolt torque retention, excellent chemical resistance, and is heat resistant for exhaust gas sealing applications up to 550°C (1000°F) or higher when shielded.??GraphTite?? head gaskets have superb sealing characteristics and hold up to the punishment dished out by high-performance engines – high quality all the way. This gasket might be overkill for cruiser engines, but so what . . extra performance never hurts!

Where to Buy

1945-48, 59A

Bore opening: 3.440? ?Uncompressed Thickness: 0.058? ? Compressed Thickness: 0.055? ?Tolerance: +/- .002



1945-48, 59A

Bore opening: 3.440? ?Uncompressed Thickness: 0.080? ? Compressed Thickness: 0.052? ?Tolerance: +/- .002


1949-53, 8BA

Bore opening: 3.440? ?Uncompressed Thickness: 0.058? ? Compressed Thickness: 0.055? ?Tolerance: +/- .002


1949-53, 8BA

Bore opening: 3.440? ?Uncompressed Thickness: 0.080? ? Compressed Thickness: 0.052? ?Tolerance: +/- .002


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